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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.


Why a masseuse chooses to specialise in sensual massage

It’s the same as any other career in this respect really. If you find yourself drawn to something in a particular way, or you find that doing a particular job makes you happy, then you do it. It’s... Read more

Phrases to avoid at your Kings Cross massage appointment

We hear a lot of nonsense at Kings Cross Tantra. It’s entertaining to be honest, but sometimes we wish we didn’t hear it so much. Anyway, in the interests of Kings Cross massage relations with our... Read more

A Late Night Tantric Massage

We like to think we're pretty versatile at Kings Cross Tantra, but we do have a few rules (well, guidelines) when it comes to booking late at night. You will see our general working hours on the websi... Read more

Don’t take liberties with your Kings Cross massage therapist

It’s an age old story, and we’ve heard it time and time again from many different masseuses in this business. But it’s something we seem to have to make clear time and time again to our clients.... Read more

May is “Get a Tantric Massage” month

They seem to have a month for everything don’t they? So, we’re taking the initiative here with this phenomenon and claiming it for ourselves.  Why the hell not anyway? If they can have a national... Read more