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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

Get your Kings Cross Station tantric massage as soon as you arrive

Kings Cross Station tantric massageIt’s arguably the very best introduction into London! By the time you’ve travelled with Virgin Trains from Edinburgh (or somewhere north of the Watford Gap!) you’re going to need some relaxation when you get here. You’re lucky that we have Kings Cross Station tantric massage services available to you until midnight, every night!

Where is our Kings Cross Station tantric massage?

We’re not based inside the station obviously! But wouldn’t that be a fine thing? Alongside: Waitrose, Starbucks and Harry Potter’s Platform 9 ¾ you could find Kings Cross Tantra! We’d certainly do a lot of business, we know that much. Each time Virgin Trains posts a delay, you can pretty much guarantee you’re going to be waiting for another hour, so you could just pop in for a quickie!

No, we’re close to the station though, not far away at all. Well, those masseuses who are in that location are. Not all of us. We don’t have our own premises, we represent masseuses who offer tantric services in the Kings Cross area, and all over London City too actually. Check out the masseuse’s gallery for more information.

Work it into your schedule

We know we can be hard on Virgin Trains, but what we’re saying about them isn’t far from the truth is it? But when you do have a delay, it really is worth checking just how long the train is going to be, then go outside the station, hop in a cab and zoom around to one of the girls for a quick rub down. You’ll be back in time for the train and you’ll be a lot more relaxed.

If you are travelling down from quite a distance, give us a call on the way and book your massage for when your train is scheduled to arrive. This is the beauty of having a Kings Cross Station tantric massage service. We are also very understanding about delays etc. (you’d have to be in this location!), as long as you let us know what’s happening. There shouldn’t be a problem unless we’re experiencing a very busy time. Always best to call, even if you’re not sure.