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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

Kings Cross tantric massage in your hotel

To be honest with you, we think that sensual massage should be a service offered in hotels in much the same way as regular massage and other treatments. Could you imagine Hilton etc. going into a range of sensual spas? I think we’re onto something there, perhaps we should approach them with a franchise idea? At least you can get a Kings Cross tantric massage in your hotel anyway, you just need to know where to look for it.

Kings Cross tantric massage

Your hotel room, have it your way!

And luck for you that you’ve found the place where yours and our hotel dream can come true. We don’t have to tell anyone about it, nor do you, you can just pick up the phone and call us. We can have a professional Kings Cross tantric massage angel in your room in under an hour in most cases.

It’s up to you what you do in your hotel room anyway, and it’s none of anyone else’s business. If you want to invite someone back to your room, most hotels won’t even bat an eyelid at this. Heaven knows there are enough escorts coming and going in hotels all over London, all night long! And you can rest assured that none of our Kings Cross tantric massage specialists look like those type of escorts!

Discreet Kings Cross tantric massage

The girls are discreet and appear just like any other guest or visitor to your room. So now that you have your mind at ease, have you booked your hotel yet? Here are a couple of recommendations for you:

  • Great Northern Hotel – For all you Northerners coming to town (just kidding!) Seriously, for around £200 a night you get a really nice hotel. Luxurious rooms, room service, Wi-Fi and all the trimmings etc. and you’re right in the middle of the action. Not to mention not far from our girls, incall or outcall!
  • The Euro Hotel – It’s set in a Victorian townhouse and it’s really quite nice considering it’s classed as a budget hotel. It’s a lot cheaper than the first one, but it has everything you could need, and it’s perfect for commuters who can’t be bothered to go home, or those in town for a couple of days on business.

Don’t forget to book your Kings Cross tantric massage with your hotel room!