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Naughty teacher in Arkansas! Tell us what you think

Whilst we don’t take a lot of what we read online these days too seriously, we have found something quite amusing. It’s in America however, so that should be the remarkably large pinch of salt you’re going to need to take this with! Apparently, there’s a young female teacher who has been giving students blow jobs and doing other naughty things! We know! Where was she when we were at school?

Are they really schoolboys?

This is the question we should surely ask. We realise that the age of consent is probably a lot higher in the USA, and it probably differs from state to state, we’re not sure, but isn’t a 16 year old boy able to understand that he’s getting a blow job. And we’d also speculate that he’d have been happy for it to carry on too! Let’s think about it for a moment. We realise that we’re just a London tantric massage agency, but we do know a little about men and women!

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To begin with, he would have had to consent in order for it to go ahead. A 16-year-old young man could certainly fight off the advances of a young female teacher, and when you go over to the article we read, you’ll see that she was hardly built like the side of a house! He wanted a blowy off her, come on! Let’s be real about it.

And get this (taken from the article):

“…Since then, three male students, two 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old, have come forward to say they were sexually assaulted by Winberry [the teacher]…”

And are you telling us that these guys didn’t consent to her giving them a blow job too? Now, don’t get us wrong here. We’re not a London tantric massage agency that wants to get a bad name, but in all honesty, this sounds like a horny teacher who saw some young men she fancied and did something about it. That’s it. No-one was shot, no-one was “assaulted”.

What do you think?