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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

Kings Cross busier than ever as “silly season” hits!

Yes, it’s nearly Christmas! And sadly for those who live and work around Kings Cross, it means that they have to fight through an even bigger barrage of tourists and nationwide visitors. But it’s not all bad for the locals. Not only do they have access to the best Kings Cross tantric massage service, but there’s a lot of good things coming up in the area at this time of year. Allow us to tell you about a few

Kings Cross tantric massage

24-26 November Canopy Market

This is actually on the last weekend of every month, but it promises to be a good one before Christmas we’re sure. In fact we know a little about this month’s. You’ll be able to grab some of the best cheeses in the world! In addition to all the other festive treats that will be on offer of course.

Check out the local menus

We’ve mentioned restaurants before in Kings Cross, but we know for a fact that our tantric massage professionals are looking forward to seeing what these restaurants are going to present at Christmas time. These places are renowned for having great festive menus:

  • Dishoom – A spicy Indian brasserie.
  • Granger and Co – Australian Bill Granger’s latest place in Kings Cross, overlooking King’s Boulevard.
  • German Gymnasium – A literally massive space and very fine food. Well worth a visit.

Don’t forget your Kings Cross tantric massage

This is the ultimate pleasure in the area of course. We’re even here for all those tourists and visitors. Having our girls located so close to station helps a lot too, there’s always a girl not far away! If you’re staying in a hotel in Kings Cross, or Shoreditch, or indeed anywhere not too far away, our girls will be happy to come and see you there too. Make sure you have a room with a nice big bed so that she can go to work though. And she’s probably going to need the shower too if you’re planning on a body to body sensual massage. Has that got you in the mood?

Go and check out the girls!