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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

What our tantric massage professionals learn

Here we go then! We’re going to give you some insight into what the girls learn about giving lingam massages. This is the part of your tantric massage that you’re going to enjoy the most more than likely. If not, then you should probably get a normal sports massage! We’re assuming that you know what the “lingam” is? It’s the tantric massage term that means the penis.

It’s all about mood

Regardless of where the girls train or who teaches them, they all learn that the mood of the massage is of paramount importance. A client may be nervous about their massage, and it’s important to get rid of these anxieties. Our girls have to open the minds of their clients and ensure that they are ready for what lies ahead.

  • The room has to be the right temperature
  • The mood and music must be right. No complicated music, just sounds with no singing. No other sounds should be audible.
  • Nuru massage oil is the best lubricant for body to body, but if the masseuse is just performing a regular massage with a lingam massage, then other oils can be used.
  • Readying themselves. A masseuse will need to make sure they’re in the mood. They’re often enticed into the mood by preparing the room and themselves. Our tantric massage girls are always ready!

tantric massage


There are plenty of techniques for the girls to learn. They actually learn many more as they practice of course, but there is a “staple” set of skills that they are taught in initial training.

  • The Milker
  • Anvil
  • Corkscrew
  • Firestarter
  • Squeeze and stroke

There are loads of variations to these. Each of these are done differently, and sometimes differently each time, making each lingam massage unique. Changing it up from soft to hard, and slow to fast can make the world of difference, and it’s different even more with each client of course. And we’re not going to go into how each one is performed, it simply wouldn’t do it justice. You need to be able to see it happen, or better still experience it! You can probably guess what most of them do anyway. But don’t think for a moment that the girls don’t take it very seriously indeed. They’re all very proud of the tantric massage techniques they have learned and spent so long trying to perfect!

Making the client happy

Arguably the most important thing that the girls learn, and indeed have reinforced every time they see someone new, is that the client must be kept happy. The girls are taught to be intuitive and aware of what is working best of all during the tantric massage, so they know which way to customise the massage.

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