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Spotting a fake orgasm

There’s no easy way of saying this gentlemen, but women do fake orgasms. However, in their defence, they do sometimes have good reason to, and some of them are to do with you. Let’s have a look at why they do and how you can spot the fake ones. As always, our information is brought to you by our delectable Kings Cross tantric massage professionals; clearly much more than just pretty faces!

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Why women fake

There are two main reasons why women fake orgasms. We say main reasons, because we’re sure there are others, but we don’t know enough about them to offer any information. We only have access to so many Kings Cross tantric massage girls you know! The first reason is you. She believes that if she doesn’t, or can’t orgasm with you, then you will lose self-esteem and it will affect your relationship. So it’s essentially to protect your feelings. We know! Damn considerate eh? This is a massive problem in our society really. A man will never be measured by the amount of pleasure he can give to his partner, there are a variety of reasons why some women can’t and don’t have orgasms, and it’s not always something the man can do anything about. It’s a shame we have so many men with such massive ego problems!

The second main reason is that they are self-conscious about the fact because they believe there is something wrong with them. Sadly, in much the same way as a man is judged on sexual proficiency, a woman is too. Should she voice her concerns that she cannot climax, she instantly stands out as abnormal in society. But the thing is, there are so many women out there who cannot climax vaginally for example.

How can you tell

The only reason our Kings Cross tantric massage girls are enlightening you on this subject is that they believe it’s something that should be approached and talked about sensibly. So you need to be able to spot it. Arguably the best way to spot a fake orgasm is to know what she does during a real one. Obviously, this isn’t always possible if she struggles in this area. But if she does sometimes, pay attention to what she does when she climaxes. It might be when you do something in particular, other than vaginal sex. Oral sex for example, or playing with toys. Increase in heart rate, flushed face, arching back, shaking etc. are all signs; but it’s true that not all women climax in the same way.

There is one thing that is sometimes a sign of faking, but you need to be careful about this because sometimes it’s genuine (not often though). When your partner starts all the usual actions for her orgasm (the ones you can’t tell whether they’re real or not) she may start telling you to go faster or harder, or ask you to come with her etc. If she is truly having a real orgasm, and it’s intense, she’s not likely to be in any position to be giving directions, much less rushing it along!


If you do suspect your partner to be faking it, talk about it reasonably, at a time when you’re not in the middle of the act. Choose your moment and be calm. It’s important to talk, but it’s also important not to get upset about it. There may be some underlying medical reason why she can’t, or you could be doing something different to help her along. The mere fact that she’s been faking, should be enough to tell you that she cares what you think and doesn’t want to lose you; so it might just be a case of changing things a little.

Thanks to our Kings Cross tantric massage professionals for all their input into this article