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Why you should masturbate

There’s the obvious reason of course. It feels fantastic! You really don’t need any other reason we’re sure, but just for curiosity, we’re going to tell you some other very good reasons why you should be shaking hands with the one-eyed milkman as often as you can manage! Our Kings Cross massage girls know a few things about this, so we’re going to share.

Kings Cross massage

Helps you relax

Being stressed is endemic in the London workforce these days. There’s little wonder that we get so many clients coming to visit us at lunchtime, or in the afternoon, or indeed whenever they can. It actually helps them get through the day. We’ve even heard stories about highly stressed office workers going to the toilets to “rub one out” (pardon the phrase!) There is some science to it though. When you masturbate you release endorphins like oxytocin and dopamine and it leaves you feeling incredibly happy and relaxed.

Become self aware

The more you masturbate, the more (quite literally) in touch you are with your body. You get to find out just what turns you one and how you like to be touched. You can perhaps translate this to your partner in another setting too. Try masturbating completely naked and get a good look at yourself whilst you do it. You will begin to understand what you look like to your sexual partners too this way. You’re always exposed with our Kings Cross massage professionals, so why not do it when you’re alone?

Can help sexual dysfunction

Masturbation can help those who struggle to get erect or struggle to stay erect, simply by practice. These issues are mostly due to being self-conscious. If you masturbate regularly, as we just said in the previous point, you will eventually get in touch with yourself and actually connect your mind to your body.

Good for your health

As if you needed another reason! Our Kings Cross massage girls have one final thing to say. It’s good for your health. Masturbating will improve your libido, it’s good for your cardiovascular system, and generally good for your mental health!

So, what you should be asking is: Why are you still here reading this?