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Dinner with your girlfriend’s parents!

It actually is as daunting as it sounds, but if you’re stupid enough to have got yourself into this situation, your favourite Kings Cross tantric massage girls will help you get through it. We don’t judge, we help; it’s what we do!

Get yourself straightened out

If she’s important to you, then you have to keep that at the forefront of your mind at all times. It doesn’t matter if her father is like Robert De Niro’s character in “Meet the Parents,” you have to persevere. Nothing is that bad anyway, is it? And it’s only dinner!

So have a little think about your appearance first of all. Try wearing a casual suit or something like that. Don’t go with jeans, they’re too casual and you want to make an impression. However, it’s quite important that you don’t show her father up by wearing the very latest designer suits and ties etc. Pick something in between. Get a haircut so you’re groomed well, and make sure you’re either clean shaven, or the beard is trimmed properly. You don’t want to look like a hobo. What parent wants to see their daughter dating a hobo?

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Lose the phone

Either leave your phone at home, or if you have to bring it, put it on “do not disturb”. Never take it out at the table, and if you have to have it active, set the volume to low, or just vibrate. Do not under any circumstances text or take a call at the table. If it’s important, excuse yourself and take it elsewhere. It’s rude, it always has been rude, and it always will be rude. Take it from our Kings Cross tantric massage girls, they’ve been on enough dates to know when something isn’t appropriate.

Polite and respectful

Call your girlfriend’s parents, “Mr” and “Mrs”. Do not deviate from this unless they clearly tell you to. Some parents like this respect and it sets firm and strict boundaries between you and them. Be confident with them and listen carefully. Only comment intelligently, don’t feel like you have to say something after everything they say. You’ll sound like a sycophant or an idiot, and they’re not likely to enjoy the company of either!

Be attentive towards your girls

You need to show those parents that you care for their daughter. Make sure she has everything she needs, be affectionate and don’t leave her out of any conversation! For goodness sake don’t be inappropriate though! Never make lewd comments, or even dirty jokes. Don’t talk about anything like that. As far as her parents are concerned, they don’t need to imagine the two of you ever having slept together until you have given them a grandchild!

And if you’re done with the dating nonsense, book a Kings Cross tantric massage and we’ll help you forget all about it!