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Why you feel lonely and what to do about it

Christmas is usually the time that people feel lonely, but it can often extend into the New Year. If you’ve been alone over Christmas and you’re beginning to feel the pinch even more now, our Kings Cross massage girls have a little advice for you.

First of all, find out why

Arguably the best thing to do first of all is to work out just why you’re feeling alone. There could be a myriad of reasons why. You could be experiencing financial problems and you’re unable to go out, you could be suffering with stress and pressure at work, or you could be suffering with anxiety or depression. It could be much easier of course. You could be just not making enough time for yourself. Either way, it’s a productive exercise to list what’s going on in your life first. This is the only way to make changes.

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  • Seek company. It’s up to you. Don’t just sit indoors and put off plans, reach out to a friend. An old friend, a new friend, it doesn’t matter. It will quieten your mind and you never know, you may actually meet more people; or a special someone if you’re looking for one!
  • Look after yourself. It’s easy to slide into the habits of depression or anxiety. Having a drink, avoiding people, eating a bad diet etc. We get it, sometimes easy fixes are good. Make some simple changes to your diet, get some exercise and slow down your drinking. You’ll thank yourself for it and you’ll be in a better position to meet new people.
  • Never compare yourself to others. In today’s age of social networks it’s very tempting to compare your life with others. The truth of the matter is that people only ever share the finer points of their life on Facebook. You’re not going to get the real picture anyway, so you would be comparing yourself to a fantasy. If you continue to compare yourself in this way, you’re never going to measure up and it will make you feel even worse, and even more lonely.

Let our Kings Cross massage girls help you

We know it’s a blatant call to action, but we’re hoping that it’s placed at the end of a really useful article. And seriously, the girls really can help you. Human contact is imperative to feeling good about yourself, and there’s all those other bonuses when it comes to our Kings Cross massage specialists; not least important among them being naked women sliding over your body!