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Be a confident man (the girls love it!)

There is one thing that all women like, and not just London sensual massage girls. It’s confidence in a man. You can be as rich as an oil tycoon and as good looking as David Beckham, but if you don’t have the confidence, you’ll never get the girl. Well, you’ll get a masseuse of course, mainly because you’re paying her! That’s not the point of this article though, this is about impressing the girls whether you pay or not.

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We all like to impress the girls!

It’s in our nature really isn’t it? When we see an attractive young woman, we want to look our best. It’s natural. Women are the same of course, when they see man they’re interested in. Although they don’t “see” the same things as men do. A man is looking at a woman’s physical appearance mostly, but women can see much deeper than this. They can sense a confident man, they can see how confident he is by the way he stands, the way he speaks, the way he commands attention etc. It’s a very provocative thing to a woman. Our London sensual massage therapists love it!

So how can you become more confident?

Some people would tell you that it’s a natural thing and that you couldn’t learn it. This is correct in many respects, some people are naturally confident. However, many of them have a lot to help them on their way. They may be rich, they may be good looking of course! This isn’t helping those without money or quintessential good looks though is it? It’s all about an act basically!

You have to put out an air of confidence. If it helps you to carry a couple of hundred in cash in your pocket, then do it. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing if you bumped into someone you know, you can quite happily buy them lunch! It’s empowering. You have to have the courage to “blag” your way a little. Pretend you know what people are talking about, pretend that you belong, be aloof with the waiting staff and barman, and for goodness sake, never chase!

Chasing women

Our London sensual massage girls will attest to this part. Chasing women isn’t something that works very well at all. And definitely not in a desperate sense! You need to know the right moment to pursue when it comes to women, and it isn’t when you first meet. Be aloof. When you see a woman you like, make it clear that you like the look of her, but then go about your business until she acknowledges you. Then bide your time, finish your drink or your conversation before you approach her. If you do it this way, she’ll be the one watching your move! When you talk to her, go straight in for the kill. You know she’s interested, so don’t doubt yourself, just ask her what she’s drinking and then signal the barman. It’s easy, and it gets easier the more you do it.

You don’t have to thank us!