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Breathing matters!

Well, of course it does, but that’s not what this is about. This wee article is about how important breathing techniques are, why you should do improve yours and how we can help you. We’re not the usual place to go for help on breathing techniques of course, but our girls are very adept at this sort of thing and they’re all well into relaxation, yoga and alternative therapies. After all, tantric massage is one of the best alternative therapies in the world, right?

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Start with the very basics

If it’s something that you’ve been considering for a while (relaxing that is), then why not start with the very basics? If you’re new to all this, you can sometimes feel a little silly, or feel as though it’s not going to work etc. but this is just the initial feeling you’re going to get. Start with the very basics and do it on a daily basis, until it feels like something that you simply have to do. Make it your new obsession. You can learn different or more advanced techniques at a later date when you’re more prepared to.

Basic breathing

  • To begin with, it’s important to make sure that your breaths are deep. You should feel as though they’re going deep into your body, and taking more time to exhale, whilst feeling comfortable. You must begin to take deep breaths, but only so that they are comfortable. You will find the more you do these, the deeper your breathing will become over time
  • In order to differentiate and focus better, you should try to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. The focus actually helps the relaxation.
  • Counting helps when you breathe in and out. Count to five to begin with, and eventually you’ll be able to increase this time up to ten seconds perhaps.
  • Increase your time as you get better. You may only feel like doing your exercises for a couple of mins to begin with, but as you get used to it, you should be able to build this up to 10 minutes or more.

How we can help you at Kings Cross Tantra

If you’re into tantric massage as much as you’re into learning how to breathe properly, we have the perfect thing for you. It’s one of our Signature Massages, called the “Relax Me Tantric Session”. In this session you’ll be guided by our professional massage therapists and taught how to control your breathing and how it can really help relax you. If you click the link you’ll get a lot more information of course, but suffice it to say here that it’s really a very special “session”. And, as with all our signature massages, it ends with one of our classic body to body tantric massages!

Call us when you’re ready to take control and thoroughly relax