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Get the job you want: Top three job hunter mistakes

It’s not easy in London we know. In fact it’s not easy anywhere in the UK, regardless of what your skill set is. We’re lucky of course, because we can take our tantric massage skills anywhere in the world and the only interview we’ll ever need is to lay you down on a bed and go to work!

But it’s much harder for everyone else we know. We’re going to give you a little advice today. Yes, we know that we’re a tantric massage agency and not necessarily qualified to offer advice in this area, but we’ve all had different jobs here at Kings Cross Tantra, and we know the pitfalls of job hunting. Some of the girls we have at the agency are qualified in many different areas. Some have professional degrees and more, but just choose to dedicate their youth to the art of tantric massage. Why not when you’re young eh?

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You’re not right for everyone

Don’t lose heart, find the right job. Not everyone should get you anyway! You have to put a lot of self worth into your job hunt and realise your own value and potential. Always remember that you’re in charge of your job hunt, and you get to choose. It might make you worry, but sometimes it’s worth holding out for the right position.

Don’t jump at the first offer

Continuing from the first point we made. Getting a job offer is a marvellous boost to your confidence, but just remember, if you didn’t try that hard to get it, it might not actually be worth it. We see this all the time in the tantric massage business. A girl can apply to five or six agencies and get accepted in all of them, but they might not be any good at getting them jobs. It’s worth their while going for the specific agencies that have the clients, like ours, that specialise in various areas etc. and have a great team.

Stay in control of your search

We’re assuming that you have a specific skill set, experience or qualifications? In which case, you don’t want to make the mistake of allowing the jobs to guide where you apply. Just because there aren’t jobs at this very moment that match your skills, it doesn’t mean there will never be any. It’s easy to “tweak” your skills to fit a job because it turns up when you need it, but it might not be the best one for you.

When the job hunt doesn’t go well?

Well… When it doesn’t go well, you’ve always got our tantric massage professionals to fall back on. Or they can fall on you! They’re sure to brighten your mood and help you forget about your worries. Call us and let us know!