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The trouble with younger women

We know an awful lot about younger women because we are a group of them of course! We may not be among your “usual” group of younger women of course. We’re tantric massage professionals, so we have a different outlook than normal girls, but we share a lot of their traits. Today we’re going to tell you some of these traits and help you deal with them as an older man.

They’re young!

No surprise there then. The thing with younger women is that they’re young, and this is the first thing you need get your head around. Now, you might think you already have, simply because you’re dating her (or you’re after her) and it’s the fact that she’s young that attracted you in the first place. But it’s surprising just how many older guys go for a younger women, without truly realising what that really means.

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Similar interests are rare

It’s incredibly rare to find a younger woman who is into the same things are you if you’re much older. Music, social life, taste in food, entertainment, clothes and everything else will be different. But this is where you can make your first mistake. Don’t try to be into what she is. The reason that so many age gap relationships work in fact is because the two involved do not live in each other’s pockets and do things separately. You can end up being unhappy, or worse still looking like a fool if you try and do or enjoy what she does. Take if from our tantric massage girls, this is one of the main reasons younger women fall for older guys. It’s a world they don’t inhabit, but one they really want to be a part of.

They will have more energy than you

So, don’t try to keep up, you’ll end up looking silly. You do need to look after yourself better of course. You want to live to enjoy this fantastic relationship right? But you don’t need to go jogging with her every day, or start climbing mountains etc. Look after your body and don’t ruin it by trying to keep too fit!

When it comes to sex, that’s something else. She may have a greater drive than you, and this could be a problem. Although it’s often enough, just having a young attractive woman who wants to have sex with you (well it ought to be!), if you don’t want it as often, or you can’t “rise to the occasion” just get yourself some Viagra or something similar. There is nothing wrong with it and thousands of guys do these days. When you add your sexual experience to the fact that you have something as hard as a plank of wood in your pants, you’re going to be the ultimate older man; don’t worry!

Talk to her

She may seem like she speaks a different language, just because of her social groups and her age etc. but she really doesn’t. So what we’re saying is, don’t give up on her. Chances are that she was attracted to you anyway because of how you speak to her, how you think and basically how you are, so continue to do what you’re doing in this department. And again, don’t try and be young, she doesn’t want that anyway.

At the end of the day, you’ve got it made. Younger women love older men. Our tantric massage girls love older men. All you have to do is be and older man!