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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

A Late Night Tantric Massage

tantric massageWe like to think we’re pretty versatile at Kings Cross Tantra, but we do have a few rules (well, guidelines) when it comes to booking late at night. You will see our general working hours on the website and we don’t often deviate from these really, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bend a little for our regulars from time to time. However, because we already work very late, we would like to politely request a few things from you, regardless of what time you come at night.

Read your instructions carefully

When you get your message text about where to meet your tantric massage girl, please read it carefully. You would be surprised how many times clients have gone to the wrong place, or pressed the wrong buzzer etc. On top of that, we have had clients admitted to a building after pressing the correct buzzer, only to wonder around aimlessly looking for the apartment door! It does happen. If you find yourself in any confusion about this at all, just call the agency and we’ll sort it out; your tantric massage girl can always come looking for you, within reason (i.e. open the door and give you a whisper perhaps!) Our neighbors will not appreciate clumsy and/or inconsiderate men waking them up!

Remember the neighbours

Following on from above, even if you do follow the instructions carefully, make sure you are quiet when it’s late at night. We don’t actually get complaints, but that’s generally because you’re all very respectful and considerate. It doesn’t hurt to remind you all or introduce the newcomers to the way we do things does it?

Don’t be drunk

Rather appropriately at the end of our article. Because if you are drunk, you’re not likely to be able to cope with the first two points we made. Your intentions may well be good, but it won’t matter, you will be unintentionally loud, and our tantric massage girls are quite likely not to see you. Just think about it like this, turning up late and drunk is bad enough, but our neighbors then have to put up with you leaving an hour or so later.

Three very simple rules there fellas! We hope you understand and continue to enjoy our tantric massage services