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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

Don’t take liberties with your Kings Cross massage therapist

It’s an age old story, and we’ve heard it time and time again from many different masseuses in this business. But it’s something we seem to have to make clear time and time again to our clients. Not all of you of course, we have some very well-behaved clients that we’re always happy to see.

It’s not that we’re not happy to see the other clients of course, it’s just that some of them need a lesson in boundaries! You see, when it comes to your specialist Kings Cross massage, there are certain things that you need to know. The first, and arguably most important thing to know, is that you simply don’t touch your masseuse anyway, unless she says it’s ok. That’s a very simple rule isn’t it. A little like a lap dance we suppose, although your masseuse is obviously touching you (a lot!) This contact shouldn’t ever be taken for granted though. Just because she’s running her hands or even her naked body all over yours, it doesn’t mean you can grab at her anywhere you feel like.

Kings Cross massage

Behave yourself or leave

You will find that all of our Kings Cross massage therapists are very confident indeed, and they will have no problem at all asking you to leave. They respect their bodies and their boundaries, and they very much know that they get to call the shots when you’re laying on their bed. It would be in your very best interests to lay back, clear your mind and allow them to work their magic. Because we don’t mind telling you that it truly is magic! We haven’t had a complaint yet. We may have had a number of requests for “other” services, but no complaints. This is just a case of the client not knowing where her needs to look for what he really wants. Understand that we offer only tantric massage services.

Want more than a Kings Cross massage?

If you want to spend more quality time with a beautiful young woman, then might we suggest that you book yourself a London escort instead. We’re not going to go into just what you can get up to with these girls, and we’re not really interested, but it’s probably more than you can with our masseuses at any rate. We’re sure they won’t mind you embracing them etc. (no, we’re not going any further with this!)