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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

Phrases to avoid at your Kings Cross massage appointment

We hear a lot of nonsense at Kings Cross Tantra. It’s entertaining to be honest, but sometimes we wish we didn’t hear it so much. Anyway, in the interests of Kings Cross massage relations with our clients, we’re going to have a little tongue in cheek glance at some of our favourites.

Kings Cross massage

Our favourite Kings Cross massage quotes

“wow it’s dark in here”.

Really? If you want more light, just ask, it’s not a hard task and there’s no need to be subtle about it! Anyway, most of the time the low lighting in some of the girls rooms is there for atmosphere and to set the mood. Trust us, we’re a Kings Cross massage agency that knows how to do the job in hand (pun intended!)

“No, I don’t need a shower I’ve just come from the gym “

Clearly so many of you haven’t come from the gym. We hear this so often that if this was true, 8/10 of our clients would have super-hot bodies!

“But… I want to give you pleasure!”

We hear this when one of you attempts or asks to touch us “down there!” And to be perfectly honest with you, it’s our job to give you pleasure. We don’t want to be touched like that, we’re not those type of Kings Cross massage girls. Believe us when we tell you, if we wanted you to touch us there, we would ask you directly. We’re certainly not shy!

“What? Not even on the outside?”

Again… No, not even on the outside. Seriously, this is just laughable. Once you’ve been told something, please just adhere to the very simple rules and stop asking. Sometimes it’s like a child wanting a toy!

“How much time have we got left?”

This is yet another classic line that we hear all the time. Silly really when you stop to think about it. What does it matter how much time you have left? If you’re trying to “keep the wolf from the door,” so to speak, it’s not going to work by doing this. You’re just going to make yourself anxious and tense for no reason. Let us worry about the time. Believe us when we say that these Kings Cross massage girls know what they’re doing, and they’ll make you feel like a King for the full duration of your booking. Just let them go to work and relax!

We hope you enjoyed our little list. Don’t worry if you can’t help yourself, we don’t mind that much. But never think that you’re the only one. When we see so many of you guys, you do tend to sound the same! LOL!