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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

Why a masseuse chooses to specialise in sensual massage

It’s the same as any other career in this respect really. If you find yourself drawn to something in a particular way, or you find that doing a particular job makes you happy, then you do it. It’s as simple as that. When it comes to sensual massage, there are plenty of reasons why the girls do it. The money is always good of course, and this should be the starting point.

Let’s talk about money

Whether you’re a masseuse or not, you should always try to choose a job that you enjoy doing. This way it doesn’t matter too much about what you end up getting paid; as long as it’s enough of course! Our sensual masseuses are very well paid indeed, as you will be sure to work out from our list of prices. But being a tantric specialist is a very intimate and skilled profession, that in our mind requires a lot of dedication and practice. It doesn’t matter so much whether the girl simply adores what she’s doing, she should be very well rewarded for it none the less. You wouldn’t expect a doctor who has trained for years and years, to just get paid the minimum wage!

sensual massage

People passion

As strange as it may sound, each of the girls we represent at Kings Cross Tantra is a “people person!” We say “strange” because there are actually sensual masseuses around London that aren’t would you believe? You would think that it’s a necessity to do sensual massage, but according to some people and agencies it’s not at all. In fact there are many places you could go in London where your masseuse won’t even speak to you, and want you out of the door as soon as you’ve finished. It’s not at all pleasant, and we’ve heard some terrible stories of dissatisfaction.

The girls we represent love people. They love to meet new people, and they love to get as intimate as they allow with these people. Tantric massage relies on the openness and closeness of the two individuals participating, and anything less just wouldn’t be a genuine tantric experience. This is why to run a successful sensual massage agency, you need girls who are uninhibited, fun and easy to communicate with.

Sexy as hell

Last and certainly not least is the fact that the very best in the erotic massage business, are actually incredibly sexual people. We’re not talking about sex per se of course, that’s simply not an option when it comes to the services these girls offer. What we’re referring to is the fact that they enjoy the feeling of being naked with a man in their room etc. They enjoy the feeling of sliding their naked body over the naked body of their client and this is a massive part of why they do what they do. And in the case of Kings Cross Tantra, why they do what they do so very well!