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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

Chancery Lane

If you’re familiar at all with London and its rich history, then you’ll more than likely be aware of Chancery Lane. This was originally the seat of justice in London, and in the Victorian era it featured in some wonderful works of fiction, including Dickens’ Bleak House. We’re not sure Dickens would have approved too much of the Chancery Lane tantric massage services we’re offering however, but then you never do know what those gentlemen got up to back then! They were a lot more private, and the sort of sensual massage services we offer were not openly discussed in high society.

High society Chancery Lane tantric massage

Ironically enough, it’s in “high society” where we are the most popular these days, and Chancery Lane is still arguably one of our most popular areas! You may well be one of the new breed that holds a position of some importance in the area, or you may be in one of the many consulting firms that sit there today. Well, not matter who you are, or indeed what you do, everyone needs to relax a little and our Chancery Lane tantric massage service is just what you need to iron out the stresses and strains of your day. The masseuses we have available in and around Chancery Lane are among the best sensual massage specialists in London; indeed, they’re also happy to travel all over London should you need them elsewhere!

What else is there to do I Chancery Lane?

If you’re looking for a nice after work place to go for a beer, where you will quite literally blend in with everyone and enjoy a certain amount of anonymity, then you might want to try The Knights Templar. This is a rather fancy Wetherspoon’s pub, housed in an old bank of all places. Lovely high ceilings, nice beer, reasonable food, and you might get the occasionally good cocktail or two.

Grand Union in Chancery, on Rolls Passage is a quaint little cocktail bar that’s worth a look too. You could perhaps call there before heading onto 113 Cella – 84 Chancery Lane – for a spot of clubbing. All depends what type of gentleman you are really. There are always plenty of places to go in the area if you’re at a loose end.

Staying nearby?

If you’ve got business in Chancery Lane, then it might interest you to hear about a few of our hotel recommendations in the area. Remember that we offer outcall Chancery Lane tantric massage services too!

  • Rosewood London – 252 High Holborn
  • The Grange Holborn – 50 – 60 Southampton Row
  • The Rookery – 12 Peter’s Lane, Cowcross Street
  • The Z Hotel – 24 Fleet Street

Our Chancery Lane tantric massage service can be enjoyed just as much outcall as it can incall you know. We bring everything with us, and we ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible. What’s more is that if you have good shower or bathing facilities at your hotel (which you will find at all of the above by the way), your Chancery Lane tantric massage service could turn into something very sensual indeed. See our list of massage experiences for more details…

So if you’re in the area, simply give us a call!