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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.

NEW! Signature Massages

We’ve been getting our heads together here at Kings Cross Tantra, and we’ve come up with a set of three “Signature Massages”. We like to call them tantric sessions more than anything because they’re not focused entirely on the body to body tantric massage that they all include. From just £150 you can get the benefit of our ultimate, and tailor made pampering sessions, designed with your particular mood and condition in mind.

Who’d have thought tantric massage could be so remedial!

Allow us to explain. These Signature tantric sessions are built around how you may be feeling. We have called them:


“Recover Me Tantric Session”

“Detoxify Me Tantric Session”

“Relax Me Tantric Session”


They all have very specific features that you will learn about here. They all start from £150 for an hour session and they go upwards to two hours if you feel you’d like that. Not everyone wants to spend this long, but we can guarantee, when you’ve experienced the experienced pampering and caring nature of our masseuses, two hours of this will sound very nice indeed.

Recover Me Tantric Session


The first “Signature” massage is all about your recovery. Why you may ask? Well, we’re talking about the type of recovery that would usually take you the entire morning to do when you’ve had a night out. Yes, the dreaded hangover! Our “Recover Me Tantric Session” is highly original and very well thought out, we don’t mind saying. The idea is to make you feel more like you again.

You will be greeted with oxygen and “hair of the dog” (in the form of a bloody Mary; which is an excellent choice for a hangover). Once you have had your drink (optional of course), and your oxygen (that’s surprisingly beneficial!) you will be gently pampered back to full strength. We pay special attention to your head, neck and shoulder, making sure that we nurse you back to good health.

Your therapist will lay hot towels over your body and use steam and warm massage oils to gently revive your body and mind. You are advised to lay back and just allow your therapist to do what she does best of all, and not to worry about the time or what comes at the end! You need to recover first, and don’t worry, the final event is just around the corner. When you are recovered (and your masseuse will know when!) she will treat you to one of our very best signature body to body tantric massages, that will be sure to leave you with a spring in your step when you leave.

Detoxify Me Tantric Session


Speaking of over indulging, do you ever feel as though you need to detox? Well this is the tantric session for you. Our “Detoxify Me Tantric Session” is a very good start in helping you achieve a clean body and mind. Your session will begin with a nice detox tea and an informal chat about the session. You will be granted an opportunity to get to know your masseuse and take full advantage of any advice she may have for you concerning your detox plans (if you have any!) These young ladies are highly experienced in this area.

There is a lot of emphasis on steam and hot towels in this massage, in much the same way as the “Recover Me Tantric Session”. Steam is very useful in opening up the pores on your naked skin to allow your body to cleanse properly. This is aided by a gentle body scrub, to remove any toxins and to improve your circulation etc.

And the finale, so to speak, is one of our Kings Cross Tantric’s signature body to body massages. All the girls are very good at this of course, and they all love giving them. Each body to body experience will differ, dependent on the masseuse you choose, but they’re all as good as each other. Besides, when the girls are this unique, you’re encouraged to come back and try the others!

Relax Me Tantric Session


This is literally all about relaxation. This is a tantric session that’s recommended for those under extreme amounts of stress and pressure at work, or those who are going through some very tough times in their personal life. It’s the ultimate “forget about everything” session. You will be greeted with a calming infusion when you arrive, where, like the other sessions, your specialist will discuss what’s going to happen. This is all about you, you are going to be pampered and fully taken care of.

There is a strong focus on meditation and breathing exercises in the introduction to your “Relax Me Tantric Session”. Our therapists are all very keen on meditation and highly experienced. We strongly urge you to take them up on their offer to teach you some of these valuable techniques; after all, you’re paying for a tantric session, not just a massage! Besides, the more you practice this, the greater your bond will be with your chosen therapist. If you revisit the same professional again, you will perhaps be able to take your meditation to a new level. We consider this part of the session vital to all you gentlemen that work in the City. It’s something you can take away with you and use in your own time.

Of course, the Relax Me Tantric Session also ends with a signature body to body tantric massage, where your masseuse will slide her naked body over yours in a gentle and incredibly sensual way. There is a choice of carefully chosen aromatic, relaxing oils, or odourless if you prefer. This will make you feel wonderful and all the tension you had in your body will be inevitably released in the conclusion to your session.


1 Hour – £150

5 Hour – £220

2 Hour – £280


Book Now: 07481 470677