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Kings Cross Tantra Central London massage agency located in Kings Cross providing sensual, tantric and erotic massage.


Grace has arrived! We’ve been waiting for this day since Grace said she was interested in getting back into the London tantric massage business. You see, she has some experience already and she’s really very good at what she does. She’s a redhead, with a lot of passion, so you can imagine just how much she puts into her massages! Grace is a very free spirit and her London tantric massage technique is always a spiritual journey. She tailors each of her massages to the individual client too, so whilst you choose your massage, she’ll choose the way she does it. And you can trust Grace to do it in the most sensual, erotic way possible!

Grace’s technique

Grace has a very unique and exciting technique for her sensual massage. She’s very gentle and almost teasing with her touches, but she certainly wakes up all of your senses. And when you hear her breathe in your ear as she slides her hands (or body) up over your shoulders, you’re going to quiver with excitement! It doesn’t really matter which type of massage you choose to have with Grace, we know that this London tantric massage expert will put her own spin on it and make it her own. She has an innate ability to know exactly what you need!

London tantric massage not far from Kings Cross

The beauty of Grace’s location is that she’s not too far away. She operates predominantly in City of London and has a nice apartment there, but she occasionally moves around. You’d have to call us to see what her availability is. Grace is available most days until quite late in the evening. She’s usually massaging her clients or hanging out with her friends when she’s not in the gym making that body of hers even more toned and tight in all the right places. Wait until you see it!